Reverend Leslie Kee. Click here for more.

Cynthia Wright, President. “When I read the Seven Principles I knew I’d found a group of people who shared my values and a potential spiritual home. Indeed, the Unitarian Universalist Community of Casper exceeded my expectations. I have found growth, healing, camaraderie, open minds, and open hearts.”

Sue Tupper, Vice President. “I visited UU Casper on the recommendation of a friend. I was searching for something, but didn’t know what. I found a home. Everyone is welcoming, open and so very nice. I came, I stayed.”

Alena Wagner, Secretary.

Laura Gossman, Treasurer. “I love this place of spirit and transformation – constantly challenging me to grow spiritually and to live my UU values. Unitarian Universalism is not always easy or comfortable – it demands self-reflection and humility.”

Athne Machdane, Trustee. “I hail unto thee venerable Goddesses, Elementals and Spirit Guides, I dedicate myself and my life practice to being an avatar of thy wisdom, compassion and love.  In thy fair attire of boy, mind and spirit I go for into my beloved community.  Thou mayest dance in my feet, sing in my throat and conjure in my will.”

Jani Van Deusen, Trustee. “I find UU Casper to be a community that inspires our interconnectivity in our world of divergence, growing in the “we” of humanity, striving to not be caught up in the “us” and the “them” of difference.”

Stuart Mackenzie, Trustee.