Rev. Leslie Kee

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Laura Gossman, President

“Unitarian Universalism has challenged me and helped me clarify my beliefs and values. I love the focus on “deeds” not “creeds.” Casper needs the voice of this open-minded and open-hearted religious community!”


Jerre Jones, Vice President

“It was gratifying to find a fellowship such as UU Casper, which promotes principles such as openness to ideas, friendliness and welcoming of all, and goals of peace, liberty and justice for everyone: goals to which I humbly aspire.”




Annette Grochowski, Secretary




Erich Frankland, Treasurer

“The UUs of Casper provide an invigorating and nurturing environment for spiritual exploration and community connections.”




Jani Van Deusen, Trustee

“I found a group of fellow sojourners on a spiritual path who are open to and accepting of differing perspectives and experiences.”




Stuart Mackenzie, Trustee