To honor our covenant to each other and recognize our responsibility to care for and protect the most vulnerable among us, and following legal and scientific guidelines, UU Casper has established policies and procedures for face-to-face “small group” gatherings at UU Casper, which will be allowed beginning August 1, 2020 (see link to the policies and procedures below).

Only “small group” gatherings of up to 20 people are allowed, including outside community group gatherings but only if approved by the Board of Trustees. This policy also covers “internal” UU Casper activities like committee meetings, work sessions, and service-leader broadcasting sessions.Until further notice, services will continue to be held online through Zoom.

Participation in face-to-face gatherings at UU Casper is strictly voluntary, and each small group will make its own decision whether to gather face-to-face. If you are not comfortable meeting at the building, ask the leader of your gathering to arrange online attendance via Zoom. By attending a small group gathering at UU Casper, you accept personal and moral responsibility for following UU Casper’s Covid-19 policies and procedures. You must also self-screen prior to attending gatherings at the building using the Self-Screening provided below.

Small group leaders: please download and become familiar with the Covid-19 policies and procedures and Covid-19 Self Screening (below), and share them with your group members. Group leaders much contact Building Safety Coordinator Alena Wagner to arrange an orientation prior to holding meetings at UU Casper.