A Journey is Like…….

“One of my favorite analogies of living life is the image of a river. Water is the universal symbol of life and when it is flowing water, shaped and formed by the contours of a riverbed and everything else on it and in it, the possibilities to see similarities between it and living life are endless, “it must
swim for miles.”

When we think about the analogy, living life is like a journey on a river, it would be easy to fall into the uncomplicatedness of cliché. For me, a statement that is cliché is when the first response that comes to mind is, ‘well duh, everyone knows that.’ A somewhat cliched version of living life is like floating down a wide peaceful river – a river filled with edible fish, lined with flowers and trees, no serious rapids or waterfalls, no river bandits who want to rob you, clear storm-less weather, and plenty of resting places along the shoreline where fresh drinking water and edible vegetation are plentiful. The analogy is that life is a safe, fruitful, conflict-free experience – maybe a bit boring, but safe, unsurprising, and harmonious.

But if you are someone like for example, Mark Twain, maybe you’ll encounter a twist and soon we are listening to a story about a young white boy and his friend, an older black man, and their journey along an unpredictable, unforgiving river flowing through an unsafe land.z’

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A Journey is Like