Thank God or No God, Whichever the Case May Be

To be a part of a religious community such as this one, is to take seriously the responsibility inherent in processing and transforming the new knowledge born from experience and imagination. Instead of only living in the rejection of answers which no longer make sense to us, we have the ability to move out of rejection and actually create a better understanding of religion – including a God or no-God.

We must not let fear be the sole driving force for individual and collective decision making. We must not let ignorance of each other’s humanity cause self-serving ideologies and out-dated belief-systems to blind us to the greater good, the purpose of which, is to serve every facet and dimension of that which causes life to flourish.

Being a Unitarian Universalist in 2017 means we share the same concern for the fate of humanity and the world with everyone else who is striving to live moral, good, and productive lives – no matter the church they do or don’t attend, and the God or no-God they believe in.

The philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre reminds us:
         That God does not exist, I cannot deny
         That my whole being cries out for God, I cannot forget.

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Thank God or No-God