Annette Grochowski

Discussion Forum: “Mindfulness”

Join in this discussion forum Sunday service to explore the theme of mindfulness.

As part of our UU Casper Care N Share Program, everyone is encouraged to bring cereal or household items to services and other UU Casper events through March to donate to Seton House. For suggestions, see the list on the Care N Share table in the sanctuary.

The Path Taken

Nancy Wayte and Jani Van Deusen will present “The Path Taken.” Annette Grochowski, service leader.

Everyone is encouraged to bring a can of soup to donate to Food for Thought to help fill weekend food bags distributed to school children in Natrona County.

Annual Water Communion Service

Annette Grochowski will lead our annual Water Communion service. The Water Communion was first used at a Unitarian Universalist service in the 1980s. It celebrates “coming together” from our many journeys, physical and spiritual. Participants are encouraged to bring to the service a small amount of water from a place that is special to them. During the appointed time in the service, people one by one pour their water together into a large bowl. As the water is added, the person who brought it tells why this water is special to them. The combined water can symbolize different things to different people: our shared faith coming from many different sources, our principle of world community with peace and justice for all, or recognizing water’s role in our interdependent web of all existence.

Reason and Science: Discussion Forum

Unitarian Universalism draws from many sources, and values what we have to learn from the use of reason and the results of science. Join in this discussion forum of our monthly worship theme.