Jim Brown

Poetic Justice: Comedy or Tragedy?

Poetic justice rests on the premise that good characters are rewarded and bad characters are punished. Poetic justice is intertwined with karma, and can be summed up by the phrases “He got what was coming to him,” or “She got what she deserved.” Or as a college dean of discipline was fond of saying: “you … Continued

Humor and Spirituality: Partners in Grace

A re-awakening to the religious must include a special recognition of laughter.  In healthy laughter at ourselves we abandon false dignity, false pride, and simply accept and enjoy whatever we are.  Laughter is a sign of grace; not the decoration on the cake of spirituality but a fundamental ingredient, vital to our spirituality.

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Hope, Hypocrisy and Hot Fudge Sundaes

Hope, Hypocrisy and Hot Fudge Sundaes, by Jim Brown In these times of social media it’s tough to be a purveyor of hope, inspiration or just causes without someone instantly digging up a reason or two to doubt the credibility of the purveyor.  The question I’ll address in this talk is should we separate the … Continued

Expanding Equality: The Ultimate Democracy

With a sense of urgency unfelt before, people from all walks of life, religious and secular, are saying that the time has come to extend equality beyond humanity to what is called, “Ultimate Democracy.” This is a broadening of the concept of “Love Thy Neighbor” to include love of all creation. Guest minister, Rev. Jacqueline Ziegler, from the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Laramie, will reflect on why she believes humanity is being called to do this now and what this means.