Melody Haler

Responding in Love: Surviving in a Fear-full World

As Rev. Gilbert Horne said “Thunder on the right requires lightening on the left.” Using readings, music and a homily, guest speakers Geoff and Rebecca Hunt will inspire us to use love to turn our faces to a world that others fill with fear. A youth RE program and childcare are available during the service, and refreshments and conversation follow. Everyone is welcome!

Privatio Boni: The Question of Good and Evil

According to the principle of privatio boni (Latin), evil has no existence on its own, but is simply the absence of good. We live in a world of opposites, where anything can quicky be judged one way or another. Our thought processes are primarily scientific and often two-dimensional. This topic explores another perspective on logically defined opposites such as good and evil, light and darkness. Click on the service title for a link to the full text of Jayne Jacob’s presentation.

A 50th Year Memorial Honoring American Icon, Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was not only a leader of the Civil Rights Movement, he was a champion representing all oppressed people. This will be reflected through excerpts of his speeches during a multimedia presentation interspersed with important songs from the time period.

Helpful Hopes, Unhelpful Expectations

The inspiration for my presentation today on “Healthy Hopes, Unhealthy Expectations,” came from recent reflections upon my past and current life. I have often revisited difficult decisions I made during my youth and young adulthood, sometimes wishing I would have chosen differently. Although fortunately not often, from time to time, I see those moments reflected … Continued

UU History Readers Theater

This service will explore the history of Unitarian Universalism in a fun and interesting Readers Theater format!

“The Convergence of Nature and Spirit on Life’s Journey”

The service features presentations by members and friends about those times when their personal spiritual journeys have converged with nature. Melody Haler, service leader. Jayne Jacobs: Young adulthood is a time of self discovery. In piecing together this presentation, I realized that nature, along with my experiences in nature, serve as a metaphor for much of my personal … Continued