Rev. Leslie Kee

Continuum of Affirmation

During this service we celebrated our welcoming congregation and participation in the 2018 Casper Pride festival.  We invoked the seven rays of our being as we raised spiritual energy and affirmed the inherent worth and dignity of all people.  We prepared a new parade banner honoring our many faith traditions and offering statements of love, compassion and affirmation which was then carried in the pride parade later in the day. Click on the service title for links to the order of service and slides/handouts.

Annual New Member Service, followed by Annual Congregational Meeting

During this service, UU Casper will celebrate and honor new members! The service will be followed by the Annual Congregational Meeting. Anticipated business includes proposed bylaws amendments, adoption of operating budget, and election for the Board of Trustees.

Through June 2018, as part of UU Casper’s Care N Share program, we will be collecting monetary and dog or cat food donations for the Casper Humane Society.

Balance and Then What?

Click on the link below for the text of Rev. Kee’s sermon, “Balance and Then What?”

Paradox, It Is and It Isn’t

Since our collective capability for more rational and innovative problem-solving and building right-relationships has been improving, perhaps the paradoxical notion of both/and is some of that uncommon sense that is making all the difference. Click on the service title for a link to the full text of Rev. Kee’s sermon.

Court of the Rising Spring

We work the magick of springtime on behalf of our beloved community. Empowered by love and compassion, we open our hearts, minds and spirits to rebirth, renewal and regeneration. Rev. Leslie Kee and Athne Machdane, service leaders.

As part of our UU Casper Care N Share Program, everyone is encouraged to bring cereal or household items through March to donate to Seton House. For household items suggestions, see the list on the Care N Share table in the sanctuary.

Mindfulness: All of the Above

MIND-FULL-NESS is an interesting term which, when you stop and think about it, begs several questions; what is it that causes our mind to be full? Is having a full mind a good thing? Was our mind full when we were born or does living-life fill it up? Or is mindfulness a process and not a cerebral collection of nouns, or perhaps it is nothing at all?

Click on the service title for a link to the full text of Rev. Kee’s sermon.

…To Forgive, Divine

To freely ask for and offer forgiveness is to live from the most spiritually healthy and life-serving place anyone could ever wish for. There’s a reason for the longevity of that old saying, to err is human, to forgive divine, which is why Gandhi’s wisdom is so profound: “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.” 
Click on the service title for a link to the full text of Rev. Kee’s sermon.