Social Justice Group meeting

Date(s) - August 16, 2018
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


The UU Casper Social Justice Group meets monthly on the third Thursday, 7:00 pm. Participation is open to everyone, UU Casper members as well as individuals from throughout the Casper community. Here’s what the SJ Group is up to:

Casper Public Transportation Project:  The UU Casper Social Justice Group (SJ Group) has partnered with UU Casper member Mary Price, CATC, and Wyoming Independent Living to resist funding cuts to Casper public transportation system. The SJ Group believes that Casper’s public transportation is a lifeline to our elderly, disabled, and low income neighbors, and hope that the Casper City Council will not shore up the City coffers on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens. The SJ Group and its individual members have written to Council members and to the Casper Star Tribune. SJ Group members have also spoken against the proposed cuts at the June 19th Casper City Council meeting.  A petition to sign to show your support of Casper public transportation is on the Social Justice table in the church lobby.  We encourage everyone to contact City Council members to oppose funding cuts. For more information, talk to Mary Price or Rev. Kee.

Plans for 2018-2019: At the June 20th meeting the SJ Group brainstormed ideas and began planning for the upcoming year. In addition to continuing ongoing projects (Welcoming Congregation and Pride/LGBTQ community involvement and advocacy, Refuge Restrooms, MLK parade, CATC Bus Project, presenting annual social justice church service, participating in process to acquire outside signage), the Group adopted two primary project areas for 2018-2019 1) Fall 2018: democratic engagement (“Get Out the Vote,” and promoting civil communication), and 2) Winter/Spring 2019: Environmentalism. The SJ Group will also pursue a program to educate ourselves and our congregation about Immigration issues.

Want to Suggest a Project? The SJ Group’s policies and procedures for evaluating, initiating and conducting projects are available on the social justice page at and on the SJ table in the church lobby.

For more information, contact  Rev. Leslie Kee 307-340-0697,, Athne Machdane 307-724-0776,, or email