July 2022 Minister’s Musings, Reverend Leslie Kee

As I prepare to go into a month of study and self-care, the dreaded Supreme Court Ruling on Roe v Wade has finally been handed down. Like many liberal religionists, my heart is broken, and it is clear to me, as Unitarian Universalists, our call to value diversity is more difficult than ever. It’s one thing to value diversity when things are going ‘our’ way – it’s entirely different with what we don’t agree with.

And so, at this moment in history, my belief the world is in a spiritual crisis stronger than ever. I believe it is imperative we find a way to articulate and invigorate how we value the power of the human spirit. It is the human spirit that, in the big picture, is the appropriate response to the fundamental religionists who believe there is only one path to their ‘God.’ I believe this to be true because the human spirit is one of many ingredients in the universal spiritual energy of life – that ultimate power called by many different names and searched for on many different paths.

My beloveds. Please take care of yourself today and in the days to come. The struggle for justice has been around always. Just being yourself is enough. Find something beautiful to bring into your heart today — even if the moment is fleeting. The struggle demands so much of us, and in the end life always finds a way to break free of the human bonds that would limit its flourishing. Women and their allies have found ways to live around the false-bonds of religion and law men and their like-minded women have used to wield power-over since the beginning. The promise of power-within is stronger than it has ever been. Pause, reflect, and return to the struggle when you are ready. Rev. Kee