Minister’s Musings

Minister’s Musings

October 2022

Along with food, fellowship, and in-person services and meetings, another event returning in UU Casper’s post-pandemic programming is our annual Leadership Retreat.  October 10 is a Monday holiday, so if you are available, please consider participating this year. 

The Pacific Western Region’s Small Congregations Specialist (and our staff liaison), the Rev. Sarah Schurr will be in Casper to facilitate this discussion from 12: 00 – 5:00. Lunch will be served and the discussion will help bring some ideas and energy into what we as a family-sized UU congregation can do for ourselves as we move into a future that looks and feels different than the pre-pandemic times.

UU Casper belongs to all of us and so to include everyone’s energy, ideas, and dreams only makes sense. So please mark your calendar: Monday, October 10, 12:00 1:00 lunch – 1:00 5:00 retreat, at the church.

Another item of business this year’s board of trustees has put into place is identifying and evaluating some of our best practices in our self-governance. So for example, the board will be requesting all the current committees to fill out a self-evaluation and share the results with the trustees. If you have been or currently are serving on any one of the standing committees, your input is needed. 

At the recent board meeting the following schedule was put in place and Bd. President Karon Windle will be contacting your committee to discuss the form and what the board is looking for. 

October – Membership Committee

November – Safety and Security Team

December – Tech Team

January – Programming Committee

February – Social Justice Group

March: RE Committee

April – Building and Grounds Committee

May – Ministerial Relations Committee

I am looking forward to all the changes the future holds for UU Casper; and having Rev. Schurr to help focus our vision and help us learn from what other family-sized congregations are going through too is a very good way to start this new program year! See you in church!