November 2021 Minister’s Musing, by Reverend Leslie Kee

Among my mother’s nuggets of homespun advice was the reminder, ‘sometimes you do something, just because it’s the right thing to do.’ After I studied some psychology and philosophy, I learned this wasn’t very ‘homespun’ because intrinsic motivation without the desire for personal reward is pretty foundational and aspirational to good mental and emotional health. For those of us who have taken the UU “Building Your Own Theology” class, this topic is right up there when thinking about evolved ethics.

All of us at some time or another, are faced with situations where the choices we face have us immersed in this exact junction. Recently I’ve been encountering several different opportunities to ‘do the right thing’ and, in turn, have had folks ‘doing the right thing’ for me! When one is faced with asking for help and it is offered without question or hesitation – it truly is a gift – to all of us.

Another issue which has been facing all of us in the UU Mountain Desert District, is the dissolution of the actual district and the formal formation of the Pacific Western Region. Those discussions have been taking place for well over two years, and when it came to voting, Karon Windle was able to say yes when asked to attend and cast a vote in favor of the resolution based primarily on the MDD team’s recommendation – thanks Karon! When all is said and done, it was significant to bring the MDD era to a dignified end while ushering in a wonderful opportunity to imagine and evolve! By saying yes when asked, our uucasper rep did the right thing – for all of us and UU!

And because we are facing another winter with Covid and its variant raging, it’s probably fair to say this past year and a half has been filled with examples of all of us doing the right thing, just because it was the right thing to do. From wearing masks, to getting vaccinated, to adjusting our services and programs, to all those other hundreds of right things each of us has done – just because it was the right thing to do.

I am so grateful to be part of this amazing extended UU family! I am confident all the good we have been choosing will help the whole world return to a state of health, because health, in all its forms, is the flourishing of life – through this age and all the ages to come. See you in church!