Morning With TED – The Science and Power of Hope

We will watch a TED Talk, The Science and Power of Hope by Chan Hellman, followed by a facilitated discussion.

Questions to consider in preparation for the discussion:

Mr. Hellman ends his talk by saying that we need to be more intentional about our social connections. These questions are about how we can be more intentional in nurturing and restoring hope within each other.

  1. How can we help each other develop goals?
  2. How can we help each other find pathways we might otherwise have not considered? 
  3. How do we manifest enough willpower to travel those pathways? 
  4. Do we sometimes need other types of power?

If there is time, we might dig deeper with an example.

  1. We are approaching some holidays in December that often feel like adversity for many of us. Do any of you have avoidant goals about the winter holidays? If so, would you like to elaborate?
  2. How can those goals be reframed into achievement goals?
  3. What are some achievable pathways toward those goals?
  4. Are there any other ways we can support one another and foster hope?