We hear time and again that becoming more involved in a religious community is a rewarding experience that helps individuals grow spiritually, build community, and find greater meaning in their lives. Are you interested in becoming more involved in the congregational life of UU Casper?

UU Casper has many volunteer opportunities, and its committees are always open to new members ready to share ideas and talents. Whether you are interested in building community and  growing spiritually by joining the board or a committee, or would rather participate in “one-time” projects or occasional activities that fit into your busy life, UU Casper has opportunities for you! You could, for example

  • help create a service about something important to you,
  • volunteer to do a reading or prayer during the service,
  • lead a children’s religious exploration class,
  • share your special musical or artistic talents,
  • offer ideas and support for community involvement or social justice projects,
  • welcome and reach out to visitors at services,
  • Help with Zoom hosting, screen-sharing, or with audit/visual duties during “dual” services,
  • sign up to bring after-church refreshments,
  • help maintain with social media, publicity, or the e-newsletter,
  • participate in a painting day or building and grounds clean-up day,
  • Join the team who helps take care of our co-adopted Amoco Park, or
  • volunteer to help with the annual yard sale 

As a free church, UU Casper is what its members and friends make it. If you are ready to get involved, please email info@uucasper.org or any board or committee member!