A Journey from Fragmentation to Wholeness

Rev. Kee convening, with Guest Presenter, Glenn Aparicio Parry. All the aspirations of our ancestors are buried in this sacred ground we all share. How can we align ourselves with the will of Nature, as the Native American cultures do, and journey from fragmentation to wholeness? 

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For those attending online, click here for a link to Zoom.

You can hear more from Dr. Aparicio Parry on Saturday October 9th 7 pm at the “From Politics to Love: A Journey from Fragmentation to Wholeness, Free Public Presentation and Book Signing at UU Casper (attend in-person or on Zoom).

Glenn Aparicio Parry is an educator, ecopsychologist and political philosopher who, in his most recent book, Original Politics: Making America Sacred Again, contends Native America was the primary influence upon the founding principles of the United States. In addition, he traces the influence of Native America on nation-shaping historic forces including the 19th-century women’s and abolitionist movements, and modern ecological movements.

On writing the book, he says “All the aspirations of our ancestors, as well as the broken treaties, are buried in this sacred ground. My task was to reveal both the highest principles of America and its shadow.”  This presentation considers how we might reclaim the founding principles of this nation, aligning ourselves with the will of Nature as the Native American cultures do and so start a political journey from fragmentation to wholeness.