Effective July 19, updated November 15, 2021

To honor our covenant to each other and recognize our responsibility to care for and protect the most vulnerable among us, and following legal and scientific guidelines, UU Casper has established the following policies and procedures for gatherings at UU Casper. 

Participation in gatherings at UU Casper is strictly voluntary, and each individual and group will make their own decisions about participating. If you are not comfortable meeting in the building, ask the leader of your gathering or a member of the Tech committee for options to attend online via Zoom. By attending a gathering at UU Casper, you accept personal and moral responsibility for following these policies and procedures.

  1. If weather permits, the south sanctuary door and north-west corner sanctuary door (and hallway door) may be left open for ventilation, and the sanctuary fans should be turned on.

2. Maximum of 40 people per gathering.

3. Physical distancing is encouraged.

4. Masks are required at Sunday service. Exceptions: a. CDC exceptions for mask wearing. b. A presenter or musician may remove their mask while they are presenting or performing.

5. Attendees of board and committee meetings, work sessions, and small group gatherings may wear masks at their discretion, although masks are still recommended.

6. Attendees must self-screen prior to attending and follow proper hygiene practices.

7. Individually wrapped food items may be served following proper food-service practices. Reusable dishes and silverware will not be available for use. Drinks in a lidded container may be provided, but may only be served in single use cups or brought from home. Hand sanitizer must be used before handling equipment.

8. Sharing of documents, pencils/pens, books, or other items is discouraged.

9. Signage for self-screening and policies/procedures will be placed at doors and throughout the building. Disposable masks and hand sanitizer will be available.