UU Fellowship of Laramie services for March 21st and 28th

The UU Casper and UU Laramie programming committees are changing up the structure of our collaborative online Sunday services. The first two Sundays of each month will continue to be joint 10 am UU Casper/UU Laramie services led by Reverend Kee and held in the UU Casper Zoom room. The remainder of the month UU Casper and UU Laramie will each hold their own online services in their separate Zoom rooms at 10 am.

Of course, anyone is welcome to attend either service, so we’ll be sharing UU Laramie’s service information. For the Laramie Zoom meeting ID and password, check your UU Casper or UU Laramie newsletters, email uularamienews@gmail.com, or call Barbara in Laramie at 307-399-0806.

Upcoming online Sunday services in March at the UU Fellowship of Laramie in the Laramie Zoom Room:

March 21, 2021:
“Myth as a Way of Knowing” – Ken Chestek, UUFL member. Most people think of myths as tall tales, unconnected to reality yet somehow conveying something important and relevant to their lives. What gives myth such power? Ken will explore the idea that myths are just a different “way of knowing” about the world. Even though they may not be empirically “true,” myths represent significance to many people, and therefore must be understood as “true” on a different plane.

March 28, 2021:
“The Nature of the Soul” – Catie Ballard, UUFL member. Culture to culture, humans talk of the Soul. What is it? Does each of us contain a soul? How does the understanding of Soul differ or stay the same? Join us to explore the subject of the Soul. Fair warning: some Motown Sound will be involved!