Poetic Justice: Comedy or Tragedy?

When most of us think of poetic justice, we somehow see “poetry” in the redress of a wrong, such as a highway patrolman pulling over a car that sped past us in a reckless manner, or a bully being bullied.  But turnabout is not always fair play, and sometimes it’s all a matter of point of view.  From a spiritual perspective, maybe there is such a thing as poetic justice, or maybe not. Youth programming and childcare are available, and refreshments and conversation follow the service. Everyone is welcome!

Special Saturday Earth-Centered Service: Imbolc

Embark upon a journey with Brighid – Fire Goddess of healing, poetry, smithcraft – to stoke the eternal flame of love, inspiration and passion within and empower our work as co-creators. Service leader Athne Machdane. 

Introduction to the February Worship Theme: Morality

Childcare and youth programming are available during the service, and refreshments and conversation follow. Everyone is welcome!