Speaker: Rebecca Hunt

For My Inspiration, Look Around You

We all have places where we connect to the awesome spirit of nature. These places sustain us, refresh us and help us grow. Eagle’s Rest has been our familial heart place for three generations. Come and share this place’s connection to spirit, resilience and being … read more.

Embracing the Third Third

Whether we are 7, 47, or 70, we wonder what our future might bring. Giving ourselves permission to play, mentally, spiritually, and physically can lighten our present and give us a model for a creative future.

Soul Work: Stepping Back From the Edge

Read guest speaker Rebecca Hunt’s original poem “Soul Work”:

Soul work

These times have seared our souls
Soured our souls
floundered our souls

The loss has pained our souls
Torn our souls
Worn our souls

The waiting has tested our souls
At times bested our souls
Wrested our souls

Now we must stop
Now we must turn
Now … read more.

Guest Speaker Rebecca Hunt: The Circle Grows: Letting in the Light of Life

As the weather warms and the light returns we are going to circle back to help our lives return to a point of balance. This interactive service will help us plant the seeds of love and beauty in our lives. UU Casper is excited to welcome back guest speak Rebecca Hunt! Melody Haler will act as service leader. Childcare and youth programming are available during the service, and refreshments and conversation follow. Everyone is welcome!

Find the Eternal Light of Kindness: Even in Dark Times

Kindness is vital to surviving dark times. Progress depends on a positive outlook on life. When we reach out to others doing small and large acts of kindness we are feeding hope, moving ourselves forward and combatting the forces of darkness. Guest speaker Rebecca Hunt, Ph D., a historian and senior instructor at the University of Colorado at Denver, and story teller at Crimson Dawn, will share ideas and philosophies about kindness and its role in creating a better world.