Small group gatherings okay beginning August 1st subject to Covid-19 policies and procedures

Small groups will be allowed to hold gatherings of up to 20 people at the UU Casper building beginning August 1, 2020, and are required to follow the Covid-19 policies and procedures approved by the Board of Trustees at its July 20th meeting. This policy also covers “internal” UU Casper activities like committee meetings, work sessions, and service-leader broadcasting sessions. Click here to access the Policies and Procedures for small group gatherings and the Self-Screening for participants.  As much as possible, group leaders are expected to arrange online attendance for those who prefer to attend via Zoom, and assistance with technology for this purpose will be available. Small group leaders must contact UU Casper Secretary and “Building Safety Coordinator” Alena Wagner and arrange an orientation prior to holding gatherings at the building.