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UUA 2021 General Assembly resources

The theme for the Unitarian Universalist’s 2021 virtual General Assembly (GA) was “Circle ‘Round for Justice – Healing – Courage. During our July 18, 2021, service we’ll hear about this year’s GA and what’s happening in the larger UU world. Here are links to … read more.

Enjoy again the UU Casper ‘rona rap!

Those folks attending the lighthearted and fun UU Casper’s Zoombee Awards and Annual Congregational meeting on June 20th enjoyed the original song “UU Casper “‘rona rap” by the UU Kru, BADASS BAILEY AKA Jim Bailey, ‘PICKLE JAR’ AKA Angel “Sam” Ponce, & “TDOMZ” AKA Tammy … read more.