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Vision Quest

Our Vision Quest is intended be an opportunity for each of us to think about, and share with others, a vision for the future of our Casper UU community. It will be an informal discussion on Sunday, once a month after coffee. One of the … read more.

Introducing the Eclectic Meditation Group

In October, the Eclectic Meditation Group was approved as a UU Casper adult learning program. The founding members are Stuart Mackenzie, Melody Haler, Megan Jessup, Damion Jessup, and Cindy Wright. The purpose of the group is to share meditations with one another, from a variety … read more.

June 2022 Letter From President Cindy

June 29, 2022

Dear UU Casper Members and Friends,

June 30th is the end of UU Casper’s fiscal year and my time serving on the Board of Trustees. It’s been an honor to serve the congregation as Secretary and then President of the Board while we entered … read more.