UU Laramie services for February 21st and 28th

The UU Casper and UU Laramie programming committees are changing up the structure of our collaborative online Sunday services. The first two Sundays of each month will continue to be joint 10 am UU Casper/UU Laramie services led by Reverend Kee and held in the UU Casper Zoom room. The remainder of the month UU Casper and UU Laramie will each hold their own online services in their separate Zoom rooms at 10 am (Exception for January: the January 31st service will be a joint Casper/Laramie service. Click here for more information.)

Of course, anyone is welcome to attend either service, so we’ll be sharing UU Laramie’s service information. For the Laramie Zoom meeting ID and password, check your UU Casper or UU Laramie newsletters, email uularamienews@gmail.com, or call Barbara in Laramie at 307-399-0806.

Upcoming online Sunday services in February at the UU Fellowship of Laramie in the Laramie Zoom Room:

February 21 (Laramie Zoom Room)
“Practicing Compassion as a Verb” – Lou Farley, Hospice of Laramie chaplain. Lou will share with us some ideas regarding practicing compassion in the same way one might practice basketball.

February 28 (Laramie Zoom Room)
“Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Challenge of Compassion” – Linda Meeker, UUFL Board. Martin Luther King, Jr., regularly spoke truth to power. But his underlying and persistent message was always the same: Those with power must have compassion for those without power.