Vision Quest

Our Vision Quest is intended be an opportunity for each of us to think about, and share with others, a vision for the future of our Casper UU community. It will be an informal discussion on Sunday, once a month after coffee. One of the distinct characteristics of our Unitarian Universalist spiritual practice is that unlike many religions, we do not have a creed, which itself is a declaration of religious belief.
We do however recite together these words at our weekly service:

    Unison Covenant
    Love is the spirit of this church and service its cause.
    This is our great covenant: To dwell together in peace,
    To seek truth in love, and to help one another.
                    James Vila Blake (adapted)

Some people have a problem with the word “church” but that reflects Unitarian Minister, James Villa Blake’s original words, from 1894. One way or the other our Vision Quest may help us in our aspiration, to dwell together in peace, to seek truth in love, and to help one another!

Stuart J Mackenzie.
Vice President, Executive Board Member, Unitarian Universalist Community of Casper.