Author: Cindy Wright

Members and Friends Interests Survey

The Membership Committee is asking that UU Casper members and friends please fill out the survey linked below. We will share the results with service leaders and small group ministry groups to better understand who might be interested in collaborating or participating in ministries and … read more.

Upcoming Book Fair Fundraiser!

The UU Casper Membership Committee will be hosting a book fair for three weeks in March!

Week 1, March 17: Sunday during coffee hour at UU Casper

Week 2, March 23-24: Saturday and Sunday at the Holistic Expo at Central Wyoming Fairgrounds

Week 3, March 31: Sunday … read more.

Upcoming Important Dates

April 6, 2014, 6 PM – 8 PM: Next J&EG Community Night Meeting. J&EG will host the discussion, to be followed by any decision-making. Topic: How the Wyoming Prison System Works. If everybody does a little research beforehand we should be able to have an enlightening … read more.

December 2023 Letter from President Cindy

Dear Beloved UU Community of Casper,

Happy New Year! 2023 has been a very full year for us. We have weathered big changes and the spirit of our community has started to shine brighter. We have pulled together and are expressing our creativity. In the past … read more.