Looking for a location to host a family event or community group meeting?

While the primary function of UU Casper’s building is to benefit and serve the needs and interests of the congregation, we also want to be of service to the civic community, and therefore wish to make our building available for use by our members and friends, organizations, and the general public.

In lieu of a set rental fee, good will donations are appreciated. We generally require that requests be received at least one week prior to an event, and we will make our best efforts to respond to requests within a reasonable time period.

To request to use the building for an event:

1.Click on the link below to read our building use policies and the building use agreement form that must be completed prior to the event.

UU Casper Building Use Agreement

2.Call or email our Building Use Contact Person, Laura Gossman, 307-259-4469, admin@uucasper.org.