Jayne Jacobs

Privatio Boni: The Question of Good and Evil

According to the principle of privatio boni (Latin), evil has no existence on its own, but is simply the absence of good. We live in a world of opposites, where anything can quicky be judged one way or another. Our thought processes are primarily scientific and often two-dimensional. This topic explores another perspective on logically defined opposites such as good and evil, light and darkness. Click on the service title for a link to the full text of Jayne Jacob’s presentation.

Interview with a Soul

A soul is essentially composed of stories making each soul unique. Gaining insight into one’s soul story can help a person understand where they’ve been, where they are, and where they could potentially be.

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Don’t be Nice, be Kind!

The Kind bar company has a series of commercials. “People think nice and kind are the same thing,” they begin by saying. Then go on to describe how kind bars are superior because they contain real ingredients. The commercial closes by saying, “Give kind a try.” Nice and kind are words that we tend to … Continued