Special Saturday Online Earth-Centered Service: Garden of the Dancing Bee

Date(s) - May 2, 2020
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Live broadcast and accompanying self-guided ritual practice of ceremonial flower planting for use in home and community gardens. Planting flowers provides nourishment for bees and other pollinators for their vital work in nature.

Ritual will include original music recordings, meditation and visualization practices and a mantra invocation of Bhramari, a Vedic Goddess associated with bees.

Join us in Zoom room 459 187 0381. For security purposes, Zoom events now require a password. Click here for more information.

Start thinking about your garden spot and what kinds of flowers you would like to offer Bhramari in this celebration across realms within and beyond.

Link to the self-guided ritual description:


To prepare for this ritual, please do the following before the meeting begins:

  1. Decide what you wish to plant. The idea is to help bees and other pollinators, so any outdoor plant that grows flowers will work.  (Even Dandelions count!)  If you’re not into flowers, consider a vegetable of some sort, many vegetables grow a flower before the fruit is harvested.
  2. Pick your spot and get it ready. Big or small, flower pot or a whole garden space.  Flowers usually like sunlight, but not too much, if that’s possible in your space.
  3. Have your seeds / bulbs bought and ready for May 2.

The last part of the ceremony will be the time to go plant your seeds or bulbs.  There will be about 20 minutes to do this, and then we’ll reconvene and open the microphones to have everyone share their planting ideas, if they’re willing.  If possible, take a quick photo of the space, then take another photo every week or so through the summer.  We’ll share these sometime in the fall.