Guest Speaker: Jeffrey Lockwood: Sounds of Silence

Jeff Lockwood, University of Wyoming professor of Natural Sciences & Humanities and long-time member of the UU Fellowship of Laramie, will explore the importance of free speech to any democracy—from a nation to a religious community. To understand the moral hazards censorship, there is no more compelling, contemporary context than the energy industry’s application of economic pressure on governmental bodies and public institutions to suppress the expression of ideas that are contrary to the financial interests of those who profit from fossil fuels. Based on this recent book, Behind the Carbon Curtain: The Energy Industry, Political Censorship and Free Speech, he will share stories and thoughts about human freedom, the control of citizens by those in power, the dire risks of dissent in times of fear, and the importance of speaking the truth about oppression—whether political, economic, or both. Stuart Mackenzie will act as service leader.

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