Interactive Play: Meditative Mandalas

Mandalas. They’re everywhere. In every part of life. What are they? And what is or fascination with them? Come along as Elizabeth Jo Otto and Brenda Evans take us on a brief journey of the whats, wheres, and whys of mandalas along with an explorative ad meditative mandala activity. No need to bring anything if attending in person but you’re welcome to bring your favorite art stuff and any found objects that speak to you.

Suggested Supplies List:
* Base — paper, printed mandala grid, or printed mandala
* Circles — templates, compass, or string & pushpin
* Dividing circles — protractor, straight edge
* Drawing — pen/cil
* Coloring — colored pen/cils, paint, markers, crayons, etc.

Other Ideas:
* Base — canvas, cardboard, wood, etc.
* Coloring/Filling — found objects, pretty/interesting paper, sand, etc.
* Attaching Items — glue, thread, tape