Online Sunday Service: Good Things are Happening in Science

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Questions to consider:

▪How do you think Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics will impact your life in the future?   Can a Robot run for president?

▪Which kinds of medical advancements would you like to see or are aware of in development, in the future?

▪What are you looking forward to in agroscience development, this includes the food we eat?

▪What kinds of personal technology are you looking forward to, such as neuralinks, (Elon Musk brain chips,) biochips, nanotechnology in your body, glasses with TVs, personal ID chips?

▪What do you hope to see in transportation in the future?

▪What science or ology plays the most important part in your daily life?  How could this science/techniques be improved?

▪Is there enough or can there be more emphasis on science, logic, objective reality in the UU  7 Principles? Should these concepts  be added to the UU  7 Principles?

▪Should more science, logic, objective reality and how to “think,” be taught in schools?  How about  “All Science Schools?”

▪Do you find awe and wonder in Science? Spirituality, to some people, is awe and wonder. Do you agree?

UU Laramie is holding a separate service this Sunday. Click here for details.