Online Sunday Service, Returning to the Desert: An Eco-Spiritual Coddiwomple

UU Laramie’s Jeff Lockwood, accompanied by the music of Matt Stannard, will share a series of encounters with the denizens of the Chihuahua Desert—and how these induced his re-encounters with the faith and place of his childhood.  He’ll explore what such moments mean to a Catholic scientist who turned into a Unitarian philosopher/writer.  Through this journey, he aspires to de-polarize at least part of our culture by challenging the notion of conversion and either-or assertions regarding our spiritual engagement with the natural world.  He maintains that living in the theological ecotone of a coddiwompled life has much to offer. Click below for the order of service!

The UU congregations in Laramie and Casper are collaborating on Sunday services. Join us in Zoom Meeting Room 459 187 0381 for this shared ministry. ALERT: Zoom now requires a password to enter the service. Click on “Attend an Online Service” on the main menu for information about how to obtain the password.