Saturday Earth-Centered Service at Crimson Dawn: Mabon – The Second Harvest

Museum tours and self-guided hiking from 4-5 pm, potluck picnic dinner from 5 to 6 pm, and a meditation and devotional activity at the woodland theater around 6 pm. Guests welcome to come early and/or remain until park closing at 8:00 pm.
Following on our Lughnasadh celebration, the first harvest festival in the sabbat calendar, we will continue to celebrate the themes of harvest and dive deeper into the esoteric and personal meanings of harvesting in our lives and community.  Mabon, the second in the harvest festivals, roughly coincides with the Autumnal Equinox and highlights the turning of the seasons and shifting of energies at this most colorful and magickal time of year.  Take in the beautiful fall colors, witness the preparations for the coming winter being made by human, animal and plant communities.  Take inventory of one’s resources both physical and esoteric.  We will share in a guided meditation and harvest gathering activity and enjoy a final tour through Crimson Dawn before the fall park shutdown.  Please remember to bring water and jackets, and blankets are recommended to cover the log benches at the Theater.  Everyone is welcome, including well-behaved and leashed pets. Those who wish to may bring a covered dish to share at the potluck dinner.