Waters of Faith – Valuing Diversity Through the Divine Feminine

Guest speaker Libby Tedder Hugus joins us again, this time with an autobiographical reflection on how becoming a mother has connected her to the well-watered-womb of the divine. Can holding space for the divine-feminine; just like a mother holds physical space for her child, help us to value diversity in greater capacity? Youth programming and childcare are available, and conversation and refreshments follow the service. Everyone is welcome!

Libby Tedder Hugus is a Pastor, wife, mama, and caffeine-guzzling podcast consumer. She believes there is always room for one more around the table: both at home and in God’s family and that generous hospitality can and will heal the world. She is Pastor to a dinner-church, The Table, where doubters + disciples together welcome the hungry into God’s Studio of Love.She is married to her darling comedic husband, Jeremy, and together they are raising their wondrous daughter, Harloe. Libby is the daughter of two continents: North America and Africa and maintains dual citizenship between the USA and South Africa. Having moved to Casper in 2011, she has fallen in love with this slice of the windy western frontier, finding breathing room for the soul in Wyoming’s wide open skies.