Update to UU Casper Covid-19 Response – Services and Events Moving Online

To the UU Casper beloved community: We want to update everyone about actions the UU Casper leadership team is taking in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  1. No services or events will be held at the church: Following official recommendations, to protect the most vulnerable within our community and do our part to slow the spread of Covid-19, the UU Casper Board of Trustees has made the difficult decision that no services or other public events will be held at the church, including third-party community group events, until further notice.
  2. Online services and events planned: To nurture our spiritual well-being and maintain our beloved community, we will be moving services online. We have put together a task force for that purpose, with the goal to be operational by this weekend, beginning with the live-streaming of the Ostara Earth-Centered service Saturday at 7 pm and Sunday morning’s 10 am service. The Building Your Own Theology class scheduled for Wednesday March 18th will be postponed to a later date and conducted online. One of the goals of this technological format is to make it interactive so important service elements like joys and concerns and discussions can be included. Online services will be new for us, so your patience and feedback will be important during this transition. Information on how to participate in online services will be coming soon, and we will be offering training, including one-on-one help as needed.  If you have experience or expertise in live streaming and would like to help out, please email info@uucasper.org or call Laura at 307-259-4469.
  3. Committees and small groups are encouraged to meet online: We are also creating ways for committees and small groups to meet online through platforms like Zoom, and all committees are encouraged to hold online meetings rather than meeting in-person. Again, more information and training will be coming soon.
  4. Caring Circle: Because the physical and spiritual well-being of our UU Casper members and friends, especially the most vulnerable among us, is a primary concern, Reverend Kee is spearheading a Caring Circle network, and we’re asking for volunteers! If you are interested in helping with the Caring Circle, please contact Reverend Kee (307-340-0697, lkee@wyoming.com). We also encourage everyone to keep in touch with each other – just hearing a human voice over the phone can lift someone spirits. This is a time we are called to minister to each other however we can.
  5. Minister’s Discretionary Fund: The economic impact of social distancing will mean lost income for some of our members and friends. To help during the upcoming weeks and months, the UU Casper Board of Trustees has allocated an additional $2,000 to the Minister’s Discretionary Fund. Please contact Reverend Kee (307-340-0697, lkee@wyoming.com).

As we continue to journey through this challenging way of being together, UU Casper will continue to provide regular updates through email, our website uucasper.org, Facebook, and by telephone. If you have any questions or concerns, or just feeling the need to connect, please reach out to Reverend Kee or any of the UU Casper Trustees. We love all of you, and we hold you close in our hearts. Stay well.

With Love,

Reverend Leslie Kee and the UU Casper Board of Trustees