UU Casper donates $300 to Wyoming Rescue Mission

UU Casper recently donated $300 to our current “Share the Plate” nonprofit, the Wyoming Rescue Mission. Practicing “restorative hospitality,” the Mission provides shelter to those facing homelessness in central Wyoming, and does so much more.

According to wyomission.org, the Mission practices “… restorative hospitality to serve and empower all members of our community in need of refuge, recovery, and rehabilitation. Whether homeless, in need of immediate shelter, or pursuing long-term transformation, we aim to equip every guest with independence and dignity.”

In the last year, the Mission estimates that it has provided over 64,000 meals and 45,000 beds. Please help us support this amazing organization that provides crucial services for our central Wyoming community!

You can find more information, sign up to volunteer, and donate to the Mission at wyomission.org. Let’s help our Casper community!