UU Casper sets worship themes for 2021-2022 – Do you have service ideas?

UU Casper organizes its Sunday services around monthly worship themes, and the Programming Committee recently selected these inspiring and thought provoking worship themes for this next year:

  • July 2021 Being Neighbors
  • August 2021 Harmony
  • September 2021 New Beginnings
  • October 2021 Beauty
  • November 2021 Progress & Perspective
  • December 2021 What Does Love Demand of Us?
  • January 2022 Justice
  • February 2022 Myth & Storytelling
  • March 2022 Community
  • April 2022 Transcendence
  • May 2022 Connections
  • June 2022 Wisdom

In our shared ministry, some services are lead by Reverend Leslie Kee and some services are “lay-led” by our UU Casper members and friends. Do you have ideas for a service? The Programming Committee would love to hear from you! Please contact Reverend Kee or programming chairperson Elizabeth Otto, or email news@uucasper.org.