UU Fellowship of Laramie services for April 18th and 25th

The UU Casper and UU Laramie programming committees are changing up the structure of our collaborative online Sunday services. The first two Sundays of each month will continue to be joint 10 am UU Casper/UU Laramie services led by Reverend Kee and held in the UU Casper Zoom room. The remainder of the month UU Casper and UU Laramie will each hold their own online services in their separate Zoom rooms at 10 am.

Of course, anyone is welcome to attend either service, so we’ll be sharing UU Laramie’s service information. For the Laramie Zoom meeting ID and password, check your UU Casper or UU Laramie newsletters, email uularamienews@gmail.com, or call Barbara in Laramie at 307-399-0806.

Upcoming online Sunday services in April at the UU Fellowship of Laramie in the Laramie Zoom Room:

April 18th: What gets in the way of accessing courage? Fear. One of the many wonderful emotions that can serve as well as cripple. So let’s dive in. Catie Ballard will facilitate a journey into fear that includes how to make a friend of it, see it as integral to a larger understanding and simple ways to deal with unwanted overwhelming fear. Without fear there may be no courage.

April 25th: This morning’s service is an exploration of the meaning and forms of courage. We will engage this spiritually rich topic through a panel discussion with a moderator from the UW Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies and two “practitioners” of courage. One of our guests has long experience in sociopolitical courage and the other in physical, bodily courage. The moderator and panelists will address questions such as: how is courage differentiated from cowardice or recklessness; how can courage be cultivated in a person; is courage on the rise or decline in our society; what are the obstacles to courage; does every role and every day provide an opportunity to be courageous?