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Roads Less Traveled

Jayne Jacobs

Music, psychology, and spirituality come together in an exploration of how human experience is shaped. We explore how mindful awareness can create a positive difference in our connections. Childcare and youth programming are available during the service. This is a “Sundae Sunday!” Stay after for an Ice Cream Social, hosted by Janet deVries, Leanne Woodfill, and Rita Emch. Everyone is welcome!


Unitarians are accepting while unafraid to ask difficult questions. This is especially true of the Casper UU community and even more true is their pairing of this sentiment with an abundance of kindness and openness. Whether you are an out and proud member of the LGBTQ family or a quiet and thoughtful conservative, wear a cowboy hat or a flat cap, there is a home for you here. An excellent place to enjoy a cup of coffee during and after an intellectually engaging service.

UU Community of Casper is a warm, welcoming, friendly place for people of any theology to come together in a spirit of sharing and learning.
As a small group with a part-time minister, there are many opportunities to get involved at many levels.