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Humor and Spirituality: Partners in Grace

Jim Brown

A re-awakening to the religious must include a special recognition of laughter.  In healthy laughter at ourselves we abandon false dignity, false pride, and simply accept and enjoy whatever we are.  Laughter is a sign of grace; not the decoration on the cake of spirituality but a fundamental ingredient, vital to our spirituality.

As part of our Care N Share program, through March we will be collecting of new or gently used household items to donate to Seton House. Some suggested items include cereal, cleaning products, mops, towels, twin-size sheets, pillows, and kitchenware/utensils.


My arrival at UU Casper was very synchronistic. I had been extremely wounded by the Christian church and unable to set foot in any establishment that remotely resembled a church.

First, I first heard UU mentioned in a book called, “Ahab’s Wife,” by Sena Jeter Naslund. Later, I heard some 15 second commercials about UU Casper on the radio. Then, I was talking to an uncle whom I only have contact with about once a year, and he said, “Maybe you should give a different church a try…”

All of these things combined kept whispering to me, “Unitarian Universalists.” I drove by their building and noticed it didn’t have the word “church” on the sign. Rather it says, “community.” One Sunday I went. That was a year ago. I found a place I belong. It’s truly a community rather than a church. UU Casper is my safe place, a place to heal.