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Annual Burning Bowl Service

Don Benson

Don Benson will lead the annual UU Casper Burning Bowl service, a ritual to bid farewell to the old year, and welcome the new: reflecting on and releasing the areas of our lives that no longer serve our highest good: we look forward, creating goals that will advance our journey in the coming year.

During this ritual, all are invited to write down on a piece of paper what they wish to release from the past year. They then come forward to burn the paper as an act of symbolic farewell. Participants will then write down their wishes for their lives in the new year, and place wishes in sealed, self-addressed envelopes, which will be kept private, then mailed to everyone during the summer of 2018.


My arrival at UU Casper was very synchronistic. I had been extremely wounded by the Christian church and unable to set foot in any establishment that remotely resembled a church.

First, I first heard UU mentioned in a book called, “Ahab’s Wife,” by Sena Jeter Naslund. Later, I heard some 15 second commercials about UU Casper on the radio. Then, I was talking to an uncle whom I only have contact with about once a year, and he said, “Maybe you should give a different church a try…”

All of these things combined kept whispering to me, “Unitarian Universalists.” I drove by their building and noticed it didn’t have the word “church” on the sign. Rather it says, “community.” One Sunday I went. That was a year ago. I found a place I belong. It’s truly a community rather than a church. UU Casper is my safe place, a place to heal.