As a doctrine-free religion, what holds Unitarian Universalist communities together? Simply put, it’s our promise to each other to incorporate UU principles and values into our personal and congregational lives. The UU Community of Casper has created and adopted the following covenant to guide our decision-making and inform our relationships with each other and with the larger community in which we live.

We covenant with one another, in a spirit of love and compassion, to

share honestly

listen actively

build trust together

act with integrity

ask for and offer help

seek and offer forgiveness

encourage joy and celebration

express gratitude

speak directly to one another about our concerns and issues

support decisions in a shared voice.


These are our aspirations and intentions which we pursue in good faith.


Why do covenants work? Because they are the framework for discussion and decision-making, and so the board of directors and each committee is encouraged to start their meeting by lighting a chalice and sharing the leadership covenant. A covenant is a promise to each other that when we fall short, we will reflect and acknowledge, make amends, and never give up on our shared goal of creating a beloved community.