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Unity Through Music

“Walking In Wilderness – A Melismatic Excursion”
a. Introduction/explanation
b. Music listening (20 minutes)
c. Q/A

“Little By Little”
a. Snowflake Parable
b. Group music making!

The Concerto of Our Lives

Life is a concerto and you are the maestro! Drawing on concepts in spiritual traditions, music history, social science and neuroscience, we will explore how this most transient art form has the capacity to shape us as we walk through our lives.

Human Rights Day

Which roles do creativity and the arts play in preserving and expanding human rights around the world?

We will finish the service with a group art project in the theme of “Unity” to be featured in the 2024 Art321 Martin Luther King, Jr. exhibit.

The Thing With Feathers

An in-depth look at concepts of hope and human potential as it relates to science, spirituality, progress, and humanity.