Online Sunday Service- Bodhicitta: Compassion in Action

Most of us would like to be happy. One way to encourage happiness in ourselves and others is the practice of compassion. Bodhicitta is the Buddhist aspiration to practice compassion for the benefit of all beings. In the UU context this is reflected by living within the Seven Principles.


Composed With Love And Compassion By Athne Machdane

Enjoin now the sense of self with the distinction from others as a singular state independent of time and space.  

Magnetize all beings with equanimity, free from attachment or aversion by offering them love and compassion.  

Reach out across realms within and beyond with heart’s embrace and mind’s visualization to form a complete beloved community.  

Give and receive the blessings of this vast luminous dimension of interdependence then dissolve as one into the ground of being. 

So Mote It Be…  A La La Ho…  Blessed Be…  Namaste…