Speaker: Stuart Mackenzie

Embracing Islam

Genny Trickett and Stuart Mackenzie will present some aspects of Islam. As the world’s second largest religion, Islam shares roots with, and incorporates aspects of both Judaism and Christianity. The practitioners of these three great religions have historically often been in conflict, but their commonalities are greater than their differences. Youth programming and childcare are available, and conversation and refreshments follow the service. Everyone is welcome!

Spiritual Journeys

“Now that I’m here, what the BLEEP am I going to do about it?” Three of our favorite UUs, Cindy Wright, Elizabeth Otto, and Athne Machdane will share their spiritual journeys and explore this question.

Peace of Mind: A Selection of Tibetan Buddhist Principles and Practices

Explore fundamental principles and a selection of contemplative practices intended to liberate sentient beings from suffering as experienced from a Unitarian perspective. Learn of the Four Immeasurables and experience the sublime simplicity of mindfulness meditation. Meet the Dakini, the Tibetan manifestation of archetypal feminine spirit beings known by many names in many cultures from around the world. Childcare and youth programming are available during the service, and refreshments and conversation follow. Everyone is welcome!

Guest speaker: Pastor Libby Hugus of The Table

This service will feature guest speaker Pastor Libby Hugus. Pastor Hugus visits us from The Table, a Casper religious community of  “doubters + disciples together… a new missional community gathering for the practice of inclusive Christianity.” Stuart Mackenzie service leader. A youth RE program and childcare are available during the service, and refreshments and conversation follow. Everyone is welcome! 

Mindfulness: Not Empty-Headed

As part of our UU Casper Care N Share Program, everyone is encouraged to bring cereal or household items to services and other UU Casper events through March to donate to Seton House. For suggestions, see the list on the Care N Share table in the sanctuary