Speaker: Stuart Mackenzie

Human Equality. A Historical Perspective

A possibly controversial historical perspective, discussing some of the notIons of equality referring to the Book of Matthew, and the US Declaration of Independence, through to the provisions of The Wyoming Constitution. Participants input and contributions will be expected and welcomed.

Beginners Mind, Beginning Anew Every Day

Zen Buddhists use the word “Shoshin”when considering a beginner’s mind, and having an aspiration trying to remain connected with the concept of always being like a beginner. All the attributes of the beginner, excitement, curiosity, doubt, investigation can be our motivation every day.

Embracing Islam

Genny Trickett and Stuart Mackenzie will present some aspects of Islam. As the world’s second largest religion, Islam shares roots with, and incorporates aspects of both Judaism and Christianity. The practitioners of these three great religions have historically often been in conflict, but their commonalities are greater than their differences. Youth programming and childcare are available, and conversation and refreshments follow the service. Everyone is welcome!