Online Sunday Service: Water Communion

The annual water communion serves as an opportunity to consider the importance of water in our lives, and to our world. You are invited to submit photos or videos prior to the service or offer brief live commentary during the service to share what water symbolizes or means to you. The service will include newly created ritual and contemplative elements adapting the traditional in-person water communion ritual to self-guided practice and online sharing.  Please engage in water gathering and filming activities in accordance with current CDC guidelines, UU principles and loving compassion. Photos and videos can be emailed to

Click on “Attend an Online Service” on the main menu for information about how to join the service on Zoom.

Here are some ideas/suggestions for creating and submitting photos and videos, but please feel free to be creative!

  • Photos: The photo should involve water in some way, and can be from a place you’ve traveled to, from your home, neighborhood or wherever, old or newly taken. Add to your email any text you would like to be read while your photo is shown during the service: you might consider including things like where was the photo taken, and what is meaningful about it to you, literally or spiritually.
  • Videos: Cell phones take great videos – we’d suggest positioning the phone horizontally (“landscape”) rather than vertically. It’s also helpful in our editing process if you wait a couple seconds at the beginning before you start speaking, and also leave a couple seconds at the end after you’re done speaking before you stop the video. Introduce yourself at the beginning, and try to speak slowly and clearly – you may need to speak more loudly than normal, especially if you are some distance from the phone or if there is background noise. Try to pick a calm time of day if you’re videoing outside – our Casper wind causes lots of noise!