Pilgrims on the West Highland Way

Walks like the West Highland Way in Scotland often re-enact medieval religious rituals, but what would it mean for two Wyoming UUs who probably wouldn’t call themselves “religious”? Presented by Debra Park and Margaret McAtee. Click on the link for their wonderful slide show! UU. Scotland.Service.3.24.19

How Shall We Be Together? Exploring Covenant

Covenant is the silk that joins UU congregations, communities, and individuals together in a web of interconnection – among themselves and the greater world. “The practice of promising to walk together is the precious core of our creedless faith” (uua.org). We join in community not by decree or expectation, but because we value our interconnectedness: … Continued

Special Saturday Earth-Centered Service: Ostara/Spring Equinox Celebration

UU Casper Ostara/Spring Equinox celebration invoking Eostre, a Fertility Goddess of European pagan tradition.  Cast the sacred circle, call the Elements and raise energy for the coming season of warmth, new growth and abundance.  Embark upon an esoteric journey to meet Eostre in Her court of eternal springtime and discover what messages She may have for you. Service leader Athne Machdane. Everyone is welcome!