Athne Machdane

Non-Binary Gender Roles in the Service of the Divine Feminine

A presentation of the spiritual roots, connections and empowerments of three non-binary gender identifying communities selected from historical and contemporary sources.  Held in conjunction with UU Casper Social Justice Group sponsorship and participation in Casper Pride 2019. Click on the link to access the Slides presented during the service.

Special Saturday Earth-Centered Service: Beltane Celebration with May Pole Dance

Dance around our Maypole as we invoke springtime blessings of passion and creativity.  Honor the ancient traditions of Beltane which bring fertility to our land, our lives and our community.  Share in communion with Mother Earth as She emerges into full bloom. Everyone of all ages welcome!  Service leader Athne Machdane. This year we are pairing this dynamic Beltane Sabbat ritual experience with our beloved Flower Communion, to take place during the Sunday morning service on the following day, April 28th.

Special Saturday Earth-Centered Service: Ostara/Spring Equinox Celebration

UU Casper Ostara/Spring Equinox celebration invoking Eostre, a Fertility Goddess of European pagan tradition.  Cast the sacred circle, call the Elements and raise energy for the coming season of warmth, new growth and abundance.  Embark upon an esoteric journey to meet Eostre in Her court of eternal springtime and discover what messages She may have for you. Service leader Athne Machdane. Everyone is welcome!

Peace of Mind: A Selection of Tibetan Buddhist Principles and Practices

Explore fundamental principles and a selection of contemplative practices intended to liberate sentient beings from suffering as experienced from a Unitarian perspective. Learn of the Four Immeasurables and experience the sublime simplicity of mindfulness meditation. Meet the Dakini, the Tibetan manifestation of archetypal feminine spirit beings known by many names in many cultures from around the world. Childcare and youth programming are available during the service, and refreshments and conversation follow. Everyone is welcome!

Special Saturday Earth-Centered Service: Imbolc

Embark upon a journey with Brighid – Fire Goddess of healing, poetry, smithcraft – to stoke the eternal flame of love, inspiration and passion within and empower our work as co-creators. Service leader Athne Machdane. 

Special Saturday Earth-Centered Service: Winter Solstice Celebration, Inanna’s Seven Gates

Embark on an inward journey with Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth and Her sister Ereshkigal, Queen of Shadows, descending into the depths of our own psyche to shed the residue and trappings of our lives which no longer serve us.  Embrace the shadow-self with unconditional love to reconcile our past through the giving and seeking of forgiveness and affirming the natural cycles of death and rebirth.  Find within ourselves the water of life – love and compassion – and arise through its transformative magick.

Special Saturday Earth-Centered Service: Samhain Ceremonial

Gather in ceremony to honor our ancestors and spirit guides as the veils between realms draws thin and we raise energy for the benefit of our beloved community and all sentient beings. The service will include cleansings, the formal ceremonial and devotional activities, spiral dance and prayer card fire offering. Service leader Athne Machdane.

Special Saturday Earth-Centered Service: Mabon at Crimson Dawn

On Saturday, September 15th at 4:00 pm, everyone is invited to a special earth-centered Mabon service marking the Autumnal Equinox and the beginning of the harvest season, and celebrating local folklore and Earth-centered spirituality. The service will be held at Crimson Dawn Park on Casper Mountain, and led by Athne Machdane.

The service will begin at the Crimson Dawn parking lot with a processional to the Woodland Theater. Come just for the service, or fully explore Crimson Dawn by enjoying any or all of the other activities planned, including hiking the trails or touring the museum from 3:00 to 4:00 pm, potluck dinner at 5:00 pm, and an optional tour through the Park shrines at 6:30 pm. Please remember to bring water and jackets, and blankets are recommended to cover the log benches at the Theater. Everyone is welcome, including well-behaved and leashed pets. If you would like to carpool up the mountain, please email, or call Laura at 307-259-4469.

Special Saturday Earth Centered Service: Lughnasadh – Begin the Harvest

This special earth-centered service will be held at Crimson Dawn Park on Casper Mountain. Meet at UU Casper at 4:00 pm to carpool to Crimson Dawn, or meet at Crimson Dawn at 4:30 pm if driving directly. We’ll enjoy a Museum tour and potluck picnic dinner followed by a guided walking tour of Crimson Dawn shrines, concluding with harvest themed invocation on the butte. Athne Machdane will be our service leader. Remember to bring water – the walking tour will be about one mile long.  No glass containers, alcohol or smoking, pets must be leashed. Great for all ages!

Continuum of Affirmation

During this service we celebrated our welcoming congregation and participation in the 2018 Casper Pride festival.  We invoked the seven rays of our being as we raised spiritual energy and affirmed the inherent worth and dignity of all people.  We prepared a new parade banner honoring our many faith traditions and offering statements of love, compassion and affirmation which was then carried in the pride parade later in the day. Click on the service title for links to the order of service and slides/handouts.