Online Sunday Service: New Ways to Hug

Michelangelo said “To touch can give life.” Research has shown this is literally true by documenting the positive benefits of touch on our health and well being. We will share ideas for achieving meaningful connections in our new “hug deprived” reality. Contact service leader Laura Gossman if you have ideas to share!

The UU congregations in Laramie and Casper are collaborating on Sunday services. Click on “Attend an Online Service” on the main menu for information about how to join the service on Zoom. Everyone is welcome! See you Sunday!

Order of Service:


Chalice Lighting: Grounding in Our Faith, by Alice Anacheka-Nasemann

Opening Words: Apart But Together, by Cynthia Landrum

Opening Song: #361 Enter Rejoice and Come In

World of Hugs

Joys and Concerns

Moment of Silent Reflection

Sharing the Fruits of our Labor and Good Fortune

Introduction: New Ways to Hug

Hugs for Ourselves: Butterfly hugs, used with permission from Younique Foundation

Hugs from Nature

Hymn: #1068 Rising Green

Hugs for the Children

Hymn: #1012 When I am Frightened

Hugs for Each Other

Hugs for People We Don’t Even Know

Extinguish the Chalice

Postlude, by Jani Van Deusen


Virtual Coffee Half Hour