Speaker: Gary Mitchell

World Community/ Quotes

This weekend UU Casper is hosting the UU Family Campout at Hettinger Campground, west of Buffalo, Wyoming. There will be a short (30 min) discussion style service at the campout centered on the 6th UU Principle, we affirm and promote “the goal of world community … read more.

Brunch with TED

Brunch with TED – “When the world is burning, is art a waste of time?” TED Talk and discussion. Is art worth it? “Hell yeah,” says graphic novelist R. Alan Brooks – art has the power to scare dictators, inspire multitudes and change hearts and … read more.

Discussion Forum Sunday: Humor

Introduction by Reverend Leslie Kee

In 2012, The Reverend Erika Hewitt delivered a sermon entitled ‘The Joke’s on UUs.’ In her remarks she pointed out. “… as a peopIe of faith, we need a practice of articulating our religious identity and what we stand for. It’s … read more.

Online Sunday Service: Building and Rebuilding Trust

Join in on this viewing and discussion of the TED Talk “How to build (and rebuild) trust” by Frances Frei. Click on the service title above for discussion questions. Go to “Attend an Online Service” on the uucasper.org main menu for information about how attend. Everyone is welcome!